Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Supercharged Search is up!

Just put up new Search Tips on the site. The new search is way better.
Searches can now be: Simple, Specific Field, Boolean, Fuzzy and Wildcard.

See how each works in the Search Tips below.

Search Tips

Simple search

Text entered in the Search box is divided into words. These words are searched in various different fields in each company in our database, including company name, the tags associated with the company, the address, telephone, description, etc. Word order does not effect the search, nor do upper and lower case letters or accent marks. Search results are returned by order of relevance—not in alphabetical order.

ex.: restaurants returns all the restaurants in our database, and seafood restaurants returns all restaurants associated with seafood.

Specific field search

To restrict your search to a specific field, use the format ":". Available fields are: "company", "branch", "address", "zip", "telephone", and "tag".

ex.: company:restaurant returns all companies with "restaurant" in the name (but not a restaurant named "Beach House Café" or "Luigi's Pizza").

Boolean Search

The standard search returns results containing all the words requested, but you can also exclude results using "-" . It can also show results containing any one of the words by using “OR” (in caps). Also, search conditions can be grouped with parenthesis.

ex.: bakery -supermarket returns all free standing bakeries (those that aren’t inside supermarkets). restaurant (ilwaco OR "ocean park") returns all the restaurants in Ilwaco or Ocean Park.

Fuzzy search

It often happens that we have an idea of how to spell the name of a company or street but not exactly. To search for a word with a fuzzy search just append a tilde ("~") to it.

ex.: oiester~ returns results containing "oyster", "oysters" and "oysterville", among others.

Wildcard search

You can also search for words by prefix, or with missing letters, using the wildcards "*" (to substitute one or more characters) and "?" (to substitute one character only).

ex.: men* returns results that contain words starting with "men". When doing wildcard searches it’s important to remember that we verify many fields within our database, not just the company names. ex.: fi?h returns results for all words that contain "fi?h".

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